Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Megatron must be stopped...

Page of the greatest scene ever to happen in Transformers history. The epic confrontation between the heroic autobot leader Optimus Prime, and the maniacal Megatron. My loving interpretation of this scene which made me cry as a boy! Before this page, Prime stands on a broken defeated autobot city, recently destroyed by Megatrons army of Decepticons. Prime knows what must be done, his gigantic frame stood heroically, he states 'Megatron must be stopped . . .no matter the cost' Prime transforms, and drives off to the epic music of Stan Bush. Possibly for the last time!

The next page should come soon.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012


My homage to Jim Lee's cover of X-Men #1 (1991) Megatron walks out from the inferno holding the matrix of leadership.

Friday, 27 January 2012


I've just done some work on my website, It's quite basic at the moment, but it's got alot of stuff on there, please go and have a look, and tell me what you think! You can find it at

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Fedrigoni Rococo Paper Furniture

I entered a competition for the Italian Fedrigoni paper company to promote their products by trying to design and build a piece of furniture out of paper. I designed this lifesize Rococo period Desk Bureau as it represented the long history of the Fedrigoni company, aswell as symbolizing them as a strong company.

I have all the parts made, but havn't decorated all of them. Each piece is hand painted with watercolour, and decorated with pen, colouring pencil and collage. On each piece is hand drawn illustrations depicting the hand made preparation of paper which shows fedrigoni's humble traditions. Sadly, I didn't win.

 Some detail from the top of the lid of the Bureau
Below is one of the hand drawn designs for the furniture. I had lots of designs, and one piece of furniture allocated to every type of paper that Fedrigoni produce. Each piece of furniture symbolised the qualities of the paper, practical, stylish, tough, soft ...

 Front of the Bureau, the rectangles represent drawers which could be pulled out.
 Side panel of bureau, production stage

Finished side, I was really happy with this, there's so much to look at in it, it's quite entertaining. The bureau itself is quite massive, I think its something like 1.5 metres by 28cm, and 1.5 metres high.


I love the design and look of Spawn, and wanted to draw him in some sort of battle, in this pic he's just fought, and is pulling off his face mask for some reason. 

I drew this specially for an Art-Show we were having at uni, everyone seemed to like it. This was one of the first times I used an ink nib to draw with, and it was incredible how it changed my art, making it intensely more detailed, and gave it more of a professional look.

Rococo Typography

I drew this months ago, but only scanned it in the other day, It's a very large Typography drawing based upon Rococo floral patterns, I drew it using a fineliner. 

If anyone would like a print, please get in touch.

The Amazing project!

It's been a while, but here are some pictures of what I've been working on lately, I've written a spider-man comic, sort of like fan-fiction. I don't want to give anything away, but it involves a rooftop fight, and the scorpion (not helpful at all) These pages take about 2 days to plot, pencil, and ink. The aim of the project was to try to make a Spider-man comic with better art than the ones out now, I'll let you decide so far. They were alot of fun to draw, and I hope I've done old webhead proud.

No text added as of yet, I thought i'd finish all the lettering after I've completed the art.

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